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20/06/2002 = 0 FORUM!

Faced with the sentencing of two French citizens in the framework of the Consumer Defense affair, the French Broadband League invites you :

- to help Franz and Emma, the two internet users (one as owner of their domain name, the other as webmaster) sentenced for having hosted defamatory comments posted on their site's forum.

- to summon pertaining European ministries and the French lawmakers, so they become aware that http forums are in danger of disappearing, and to invite them to change the law so that domain name owners and webmasters become clearly protected in the Future.

Send a gift :

Franz and Emma can't afford paying the 94 000 euros they must pay today: you may help them by sending them a gift at :

Comité de Soutien ŕ Franz et Emma
23 Rue Clapeyron
75008 PARIS

Petition :

We bring the attention of European ministers, presently meeting in Seville, on this recent sentencing of webmasters, which illustrates the gap separating French law from today's Internet

French and other European countries lawmakers must quickly debate on this problem, then suggest laws which would clearly defend webmasters and domain name's owners. Indeed, the latter may now be sentenced for comments published by any internet user on their site's forums.

It is impossible for any webmaster to moderate in real time the said forums; such a threat would simply lead to closing most of these dialogue places http forums have become.

Finally, if the French lawmaker fails to react, this jurisprudence might set a precedent in other European countries, and the foreseeable closing of forums might extend to Europe. The disappearance of these dialogue places would be intolerable and deeply impair the citizen life presently developing on the Internet.

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